Costa Rica

  • Costa Rica is politically and socially stable country, being a magnet for foreign investors and attracting most of the foreign investment being done in Central America.
  • Climatic conditions are ideal for growing teak. A tropical climate with plenty of water and a marked dry season are ideal for growing teak
  • Costa Rica offers many advantages for the investor who chooses Teak as an investment.   Land and labor costs are reasonable.
  • There are few property taxes.
  • Several industrialized nations offer tax exempts for individual or companies that choose to invest in reforestation projects.

The Plantation

  • Total actual number of mature trees: 3,076
  • We have also planted 1,000 new teak trees which will eventually result in an additional 250 mature trees after two thinning.
  • The property has a total area of approx. 52 acres and is located about two miles west of the town of Santa Rosa se Pocosol. After harvest the land is suitable for either a housing development or replanting with teak or other crops. A tre-phase power line runs parallel to the national road, increasing land value.
  • On-site management is only $20,000/year. Same manager has been there for past 15 years.
  • There are several local logging companies – this is a prime teak growing area.
  • Our project was set up by KPMG.
  • The plantation land is highly suitable to be worked by tractors and agricultural timber machinery, with easy access to all major timber markets.
  • Elevation; the land is around 60 meters above sea level, with an average precipitation of 2,200 mm a year, ideal for teak growing.
  • The plantation is owned free and clear by the Costa Rican Holding Company and has English Speaking on-site management year round.
  • The plantation is protected by a fence and each tree has been geo-tagged.