1. Plantable Area.
The corporation IMD de Inversiones en Madera Dura. S.A. With corporate id number 3-101-181012 owns two properties as follow:

  • Property Registered in the Registro Público, Sección de Propiedad (Property Section of the Public Registry), A) District 13 Pocosol County 10 San Carlos of the Province of Alajuela, under the Title Number: 00333687-000, which description is as follows: (i) Situation: Land, (ii) Location: 13 (Pocosol), 10 Canton (San Carlos) of the Province of Alajuela. (iii) Boundaries: North: Tesoros de Pocosol S.A. South: Silvestres del Muelle S.A., East: Santa Rosa High School, West: Tesoros de Pocosol S.A, (iv) Size: One hundred and fifty six thousand and six hundred and forty eight square meters with fifty five square decimeters (156,648.55 m2), and with the server number A-0391567-1997.  This property was purchased by the corporation on October, 2nd, 1997.
  • This property has no annotations or any liens to the title. It has Easements, (Easements, which might be in favor or against the property and could, consist on road rights, rights for the passage of water, transiting rights, etc.), that consists in a right of passage to the properties that boundaries the property that belongs to the corporation. The property is free and clear.

2. Protection Zones inside the property: Farm is clearly marked for ll practical purposes with fences, and all protection zones are followed as required by law. 15 meters from natural body of water is not planted.

3. Forest Managers: Farm has been managed since 1998 by Guillermo Rugeles, Agricultural Engineer and Business Administrator from Oregon State University.

4. Permanent Plot information: As noted above, the corporation owns two different farms, about half a mile apart from each other. Following is info regarding year planted and tree inventory as well as copy of planos:

Teak count Nov 25, 2011
year planted Farm B 15,5 ha Farm A 5,3 ha Total
1993 122 122
1996 3,050 3,030
2010 260 260
2011 1.150 1.100 2.250
Gran total 4.180 1.482 5.682

5. Due Diligence: Click here to read our Due Diligence information.